Current and Online Exhibitions

Unlisted: Underappreciated Women Artists from the Permanent Collection

This exhibition highlights seventeen mid- to late twentieth-century women artists selected from the permanent collection who worked in modernist styles, yet are not often exhibited today despite their significant skills, careers and accomplishments. On view online and in-person through October 2, 2022.

Tradition and Remembrance: Treasures of the Derfner Judaica Museum

This exhibition explores the intersections of Jewish history and memory with the stories of traditional objects interpreted in light of the role memory plays in shaping both individual and communal identities. Ongoing in-person in the Museum.

Aviary Aesthetic: The Symbolism of Birds

With more than thirty artists and works in diverse media, this exhibition explores the fascination birds have long held for artists and designers across different cultures and in different eras. Selected from the permanent collection, the works reflect a variety of stylistic influences, from realism to surrealism, folk art to scientific illustration. Online exhibition.

Modern Ritual: From Bezalel to Wolpert

From its founding in Jerusalem in 1906 by Boris Schatz (1866–1932), the Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts forged a national style and pioneered modernist design in Jewish ceremonial art. Online exhibition.

Rahel Szalit-Marcus and Solomon Gershov Illustrate Sholem

Stories by the famed Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem inspired a series of paintings and prints by two Eastern European-born 20th century artists. Online exhibition.

Vincent Hložník: Dreams

A series of surrealistic linocuts, Dreams responds to traumatic events of the twentieth century witnessed by eminent Slovak artist Vincent Hložník (1919-1997). Online exhibition.

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