Donor Advised Funds

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Donor Advised Funds

A donor advised fund (DAF) is a charitable giving vehicle that allows individuals to donate funds into an account and make current and future recommendations on where the funds should be allocated. This is a wonderful way to donate cash or securities now, receive a current charitable deduction, and distribute your gift to Hebrew Home over time.

You can create a donor advised fund with a financial institution that maintains a fund, such as Fidelity or Schwab, or a local community foundation.

The benefits to you to create a DAF

  • Immediate tax deduction
  • Donating appreciated stock allows you to avoid capital gains on gifting that asset
  • Pooling these assets in the DAF may potentially provide investment growth allowing more funds for you to distribute
  • You can make quick decisions to send donations with ease and less administrative costs and time to you

If you are interested in making a recommendation of a DAF gift to Hebrew Home, please contact John Haley at 718-581-1848 or for any questions you may have, and to be able to attribute the proper recognition for the gift.

The information provided on this page is for general information purposes only.  State laws vary and may affect the application of these gifts to individuals.  As with all charitable planning it is recommended that you speak with your tax advisor on the appropriateness of gift planning to your situation.

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