Living Forward Programs

Our Unique Offerings


The ElderSpa by RiverSpring Health provides seniors with an healthy environment and state-of-the art facilities to help visitors live forward every day. At ElderSpa, we provide you with access to our warm water pool, gym, exercise classes, and more. Whether you are looking for senior exercise classes, aquatics, or yoga, our caring and attentive staff will guide you through our services and amenities, ensuring an enjoyable and relaxing visit.


Our innovative warm water pool is open to all members, patients, and residents. We also offer a variety of pool related classes for the community, through our partnered vendors.


In our holistic approach to art therapy, we empower residents to live forward through hands on creation and exploration. Our Creative Arts Therapists strive to create uniquely tailored plans of care that may include painting, ceramics, crafts, tiling, beading copper enameling, knitting, crocheting, art history, and more.


Sometimes dogs know best, and at RiverSpring Health, we welcome therapeutic animal visits through our Pet Pals program. Our residents are always alert for visits by animals, and they react with enthusiasm and love. We offer three levels of pet therapy and welcome you to participate if you have the right fluffy friend for the job.


Our Mashgiach (supervisor for kosher dietary laws), together with the dedicated staff of the Food Services and Religious Affairs Departments, ensure only high quality kosher ingredients under rabbinic supervision are used in preparing the delicious meals our residents, families, and staff enjoy every day.


Helping to bring peace and mindfulness to all participants, our Yoga classes offer safe and gentle therapeutic practice tailored for older adults. Beginning each class with a restorative “om,” our compassionate teachers guide participants through a series of movements and poses, creating a contemplative and quiet experience for all.


Our Tai Chi programs promote health and wellness through integrated and holistic poses, movements, and combinations. Taught by our trained and experienced mentors, these classes are open to all levels, creating a community of learners who truly live forward.


Created to honor and appreciate all grandparents, the holiday was first celebrated at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale in 1961 before gaining national acclaim. Each year, we gather to celebrate our eldest family members, and the significant roles they play in the lives of their loved ones.

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