Pets by Your Side Program

pets by your side

Whether strolling the grounds or walking through the hallways of the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, you are bound to come across Luca, Max, Benny or Marley. No, this is not a bridge foursome. These are a few of the stars participating in the Hebrew Home’s pet therapy program.

The Hebrew Home at Riverdale’s “Pets By Your Side” program brings the unconditional love and compassion of pets, fosters companionship, sparks memories and adds joy to the lives of our residents and their families.

Studies have found that pet therapy can reduce depression and stress, lower blood pressure, and calm agitated patients with severe dementia. “Pets By Your Side” creates a home-like environment for residents and staff and helps create a sense of community. The program enhances the well-being of the Home’s short-and long-term residents, and entertains their family members.

From Monday through Friday, our dogs make scheduled visits dur­ing the day to the different neighborhoods throughout the Hebrew Home, providing our residents with unconditional love and affection.

“Pets By Your Side” is not just limited to dogs. On any given day you will find residents and family members admiring and comparing notes about tropical fish featured in our natural and salt-water tanks. Or, you might notice the sing-song chirps of birds entertaining residents in the birdcages located throughout the Hebrew Home.

Your support of “Pets By Your Side” ensures that we can continue bringing this quality of life programming to our residents for years to come.

Please call Patricia Weiss at 718.581.1848 or e-mail her at

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