2020 Moments that Mattered

2020 Moments that Mattered

To the RiverSpring Living Community,

A gesture of kindness. A word of reassurance. A happy birthday. Life is a collection of moments that define who we are. As we come to the end of 2020, we reflect and remember the moments that mattered at RiverSpring Living.

Please enjoy this snapshot into the heart and soul of RiverSpring Living and the impact we had on so many during this most challenging year.

May 2021 bring you and your family peace and hope in the New Year.

Daniel Reingold

President and CEO

RiverSpring Rehabilitation:

Cheers and Happy Tears Celebrating a Successful COVID Recovery


“A moment I think about often is the emotional reunion one of our COVID recovery patients had with her daughter when she was discharged to go home. We had staff gathered around clapping and cheering as she stepped off the elevator. Seeing her walk across the lobby on her own and embrace her daughter for the first time in five weeks felt like a triumph for all of us. It has been a challenging year, but that moment is a constant reminder why our team’s hard work and sacrifices have been worth it.”

-David Siegelman, VP of Rehabilitation Services, RiverSpring Rehabilitation

Hebrew Home at Riverdale:

Staff and Friends Put the “Happy” in Happy Birthday

“The staff here and fellow residents gave me a lovely day on my 85th birthday. They really made me feel good. I went to sleep that night feeling happy. I’m very grateful.”

–Harriet Krakowsky, resident, Hebrew Home at Riverdale

RiverSpring Home Care:

Healthcare Hero Receives Standing Ovation

“In April, home health aide Agnes Frempong came into the office to pick up PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). I asked her how she was and thanked her for taking care of our patients. Agnes responded in a booming voice, ‘Of course! I love my patients! I love my job!’ The office staff gave her a standing ovation.”

-Mary Queally, Director, RiverSpring Home Care

RiverSpring Health Plans:

Member’s Wife Finds Comfort, Support & Dignity for Her Family

“My husband was formally diagnosed four years ago with a degenerative disease called Corticobasal degeneration. Around September of this year, he became suddenly and completely bed bound, and I needed immediate support and guidance to care for him. From the moment I spoke to the rehabilitation manager with RiverSpring Health Plans, I felt so comforted. She has been such a wonderful support, and so has our live-in aide. I wanted my husband to be treated with dignity, and that’s what she does. Day to day, we don’t know the turns it’s going to take, but meeting people who care so much makes me very grateful.”

-Mary Ellen Khanna, wife of member, RiverSpring Health Plans

RiverSpring Assisted Living:

Experiencing a Family Zoom Call for the First Time

“My family got together on a Zoom call for my 98th birthday in April, and that was the first time I had seen them since the pandemic started. I have family here in New York, across the country in California, and as far as Australia. All of them were right here on this tiny little screen, and everyone started talking all at the same time. It was just such a thrill.”

-Irene Freedland, resident, RiverSpring Assisted Living

RiverWalk Senior Apartments:

Helping One Another During Challenging Times

“At one of our RiverWalk resident council meetings, a resident experiencing vision loss shared that she was having difficulty reading the signs posted in our common areas and requested a better way to receive information about upcoming activities. Immediately other residents raised their hands offering to help keep her in the know and read the signs to her as needed. It is beautiful to see our community so eager to help out one another. To me, that’s humanity at its best.”

-Katherine Murphy Dedde, Director of Senior Housing Services

Hudson House:

Keeping Cool During This Summer’s Quarantine

“I have lived at Hudson House for almost five years. This past summer, with everything going on with the coronavirus, being stuck in my hot apartment and not being able to go down south to see my family, I was feeling unhappy for the first time. Then I was told that Hudson House coordinated with the NYC Get Cool Program and I would be getting a free air conditioner. They installed it for me and everything. I felt so much better knowing I would at least be cool through it all. Con Edison even gave us a credit on our electric bill for a few months. God is good.”

-Margaret M. Hayes, tenant, Hudson House

1880 Boston Road:

Giving Thanks for a Caring Community

“It was a wonderful gift to have the Boston Road staff deliver a Thanksgiving meal right to my door. The food was dynamite and I’m thankful to be surrounded by people that really care about me.”

– Trevor Johnson, tenant, 1880 Boston Road

RiverSpring Care Management:

Heartwarming Return Home Thanks to Successful Care Coordination

“Back in March during the height of COVID, a family reached out for assistance with getting home care coverage for their father who had been hospitalized for a non-COVID issue. They had reached out to multiple agencies, private caregivers, etc. and no one would work with him as he was in the hospital and they feared the transmission of COVID. The hospital was recommending he go to rehab due to an unsafe discharge plan if home care could not be found. We were able to find him a team of three caregivers to provide 24/7 coverage so he was able to go home and recover in a safe, comfortable environment. His family was so grateful we were able to step in and get access to excellent care even in the midst of a national crisis.”

­–Laura Miller, Care Manager, RiverSpring Care Management

Weinberg Center for Elder Justice:

Helping Residents Vote and Have Their Voices Heard

“We really enjoyed helping residents to VOTE! One of the residents was watching the news when I walked into her room and gave a big sigh of relief when I told her why I was visiting. She told me that she has been very anxious about her ballot accidentally going to her old address. She said she’s finally able to relax knowing that her voice would be heard and her vote counted. What an amazing opportunity we have as advocates of elder justice to help older adults exercise their right to vote.”

-Tristan Sullivan-Wilson, Staff Attorney, Weinberg Center for Elder Justice