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How to Help RiverSpring Living, Home to the Hebrew Home at Riverdale.

Generous gifts from supporters play a crucial role in RiverSpring Living and the continued success of the Hebrew Home at Riverdale. Thanks to our network of support, our community has become the premier resource for services and care of older adults, offering a world-class model of active aging and living. We invite you to learn about the many avenues to become a supporter of our community. In doing so, you will become part of a proud legacy with a proven track record, spanning more than a century of service.

Donor Advised Funds

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a charitable giving vehicle that allows individuals to donate funds into an account where they can make recommendations on the allocation of their support. This is a wonderful way to donate cash or securities now, receive a current charitable deduction, and distribute your gift to RiverSpring Living and Hebrew Home at Riverdale over time.

You can create a DAF with a financial institution that maintains a fund, such as Fidelity or Schwab, or a local community foundation.

The Benefits of a Donor Advised Fund

  • Immediate tax deduction.
  • Donating appreciated stock allows you to avoid capital gains on gifting that asset.
  • Pooling these assets into the DAF may potentially provide investment growth allowing more funds for you to distribute.
  • You can make quick decisions to send donations with ease and less administrative costs and time to you.
  • Donate to RiverSpring Living in a way that is meaningful to you. Your input on your gift allocation will leave your footprint on our community forever.

If you are interested in making a DAF gift to RiverSpring Living or the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, or other parts of our nonprofit organization, please contact John Haley at (718) 581-1848 or for any questions you may have, including the proper attribution and recognition for a donation.


An endowment is a gift to create or increase a specific or restricted fund that provides continuous support, in perpetuity, to carry out our special purpose. These gifts are essential to the future success of the Hebrew Home at Riverdale and RiverSpring Living. Your endowment gift allows us to continue to serve and strengthen vital care, services, and research that enriches the lives of our residents. As a nonprofit community, we reinvest monies into the organization for the benefit of our community.

Ask us about opportunities for naming specific buildings and projects.
To make an endowment gift please contact John Haley at (718) 581-1848 or email:

Legacy Gift

Why make a legacy gift?

Not only do Legacy gifts ensure that our residents continue to live their best lives, but they also have the power to transform your future. Legacy gifts allow you to live your legacy while you leave a legacy. These gifts are designed to be an approachable way for all walks of life to contribute to something great. There are many easy ways to leave a legacy gift to the Hebrew Home at Riverdale and RiverSpring Living.

Read on to learn about available gift options. If you would like assistance, call John Haley at (718) 581-1848 or email:

Common types of Legacy Gifts.

Gifts made through a will.
You can make a gift of any amount through your will. Ask your attorney to include your gift in your estate plan. This gift resides side by side with your arrangements for your loved ones, and allows you to make a gift without using your assets during your lifetime.

Click here for sample bequest language regarding beneficiary designations and retirement funds.

Making a gift through a retirement account, such as IRAs and 401(K) plans is a simple way to make a legacy gift. You can make a gift by adding Hebrew Home at Riverdale and RiverSpring Living as a beneficiary of a percentage of the fund along with your other named beneficiaries. You can also make Hebrew Home and RiverSpring Living a beneficiary of other assets you may have, such as life insurance policies, bank accounts, or donor advised funds. These gifts are simple to do without an attorney, and many times the standard forms can be found online.

Other ways to give

There are other ways to make a legacy gift to The Hebrew Home at Riverdale and RiverSpring Living, such as trusts and annuities, using appreciated assets such as securities or real estate, or making a current distribution from an IRA. A legacy gift is an individualized decision, depending on many factors. We are happy to help you and your advisors to make the best gift for your financial, family, and philanthropic needs.

Gifts of appreciated securities, bonds, and mutual funds

For your ease, you can support the Hebrew Home at Riverdale and RiverSpring Living by making a gift of stocks or other kinds of securities. To make a securities gift please contact John Haley at (718) 581-1848 or