Strength—like wisdom—can improve with age.

It is motivating to be a member of an active community, especially when you click with a group of like-minded peers who also value health, wellness, diet, and regular exercise.

Beyond the social rewards of connecting with new friends at the gym, on walks, or in group exercise classes, living on the RiverSpring Living campus makes it easy to get to and from your workout in just minutes. No more fighting traffic, looking for parking, or battling weather conditions.

Your wellness is important to us.

RiverSpring Living is committed to supporting your personal goals to become stronger, more flexible, and better balanced so you can continue to do what you love most. Get stronger for that upcoming trip to Europe. Improve your stamina to keep up with the grandkids. Or simply feel better and live with less pain, improve your sleep, and boost your mood.

Expert instruction and equipment for success.

Our top-of-the-line SciFit exercise equipment is designed to accommodate the health and well-being of older adults. It makes exercising safer and more accessible. Moreover, our certified fitness instructors are well trained in the biomechanics of older bodies, and they genuinely enjoy teaching new residents proper form and processes to help you get the most out of your active time.

Plus, they can adapt classes and exercises to meet your level of experience and current conditioning. And, if you need more individualized training to feel confident in a new class, they are happy to provide extra support you need. It’s all about consistency.

Highlights Include

Heated Indoor Therapy Pool

Our designated therapy pool is heated to 86 degrees or slightly warmer, making it an ideal choice for arthritis exercises and other warm-water therapeutics and classes. Residents can join aerobic water classes, water-walking sessions, lap swimming, or just enjoy a relaxing soak.

Experience Natural and Artistic Beauty

You’ll find hitting your daily step goal easy with more than a mile of meandering pathways on a 32-acre campus. Many residents walk two to three times daily, enjoying the towering outdoor Sculpture Garden, the beautiful, wooded areas, and spectacular riverfront views. And, if you’re an independent living resident and own a dog (or want to get one!), your furry friend will love the wide-open, park-like green spaces.

Fit Classes

Our in-person classes are responsive to the wants and needs of our residents. If enough residents request a certain type of exercise class, we’ll look to add it to our repertoire. We offer regular classes six days a week, including cardio, yoga, tai chi, chair yoga, strength and balance training, mindfulness, and much more.

Healthy Eating

Our meals and menus offer health-conscious options and portions for those residents on special diets. Our RiverWalk community dining room provides kosher meals, lean proteins, and vegetarian choices. We can also accommodate low-sodium, gluten-free or allergy-free meals with advanced notice and consultation with our culinary staff and dietician.

A Walker’s Paradise

If you love walking but find those speeding scooters, bikes, cars, and runners in the city, and parks overwhelming, you’re not alone. Our Residents love that the RiverSpring Living campus is a private, secure, and uncrowded place where you can safely walk at your own pace without constantly looking over your shoulder. The level ground and well-maintained walkways are easy to navigate and there are plenty of benches and shaded spots to rest and enjoy the journey.

“To some degree, kosher foods may be safer and therefore healthier than other products. This is because the strict rules under which they are produced and certified require closer inspection and monitoring.”

– Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.

Fitness in RiverSpring Living’s assisted living and memory care communities.

The Residences Assisted Living provides energizing exercise classes and programs designed to help residents stay active. Certified trainers provide wellness classes such as chair yoga, tai chi, and gentle movement classes to improve balance, flexibility, strength, and mindfulness.

Our Memory Care Program provides active and engaging wellness programs including yoga, strength training, dance, music, memory, and aerobic conditioning.

Fitness at Assisted Living and Memory Care

Coming in 2025: The New River’s Edge Life Plan Community.

When the new River’s Edge Life Plan Community opens in 2025, it will offer a premier, holistic wellness program unlike anywhere else.

Besides having special fitness classes, a state-of-the-art gym, and a saltwater swimming pool of its own, River’s Edge will offer its signature FLOW program, exclusively designed to engage residents in all six pillars of well-being and personalized to individual desires and goals. Learn more about River’s Edge, NYC’s first and only Life Plan Community, and everything it offers. Now taking deposits.

FLOW at River's Edge

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