A Hero’s Parade

A Hero’s Parade

New York City’s Canyon of Heroes will once again be full of revelers as New York City hosts a Hometown Heroes ticker tape parade in celebration of the many healthcare heroes – from first responders to essential workers. Please join me in recognizing our RiverSpring Living heroes and thanking them for their true heroism throughout the past sixteen months.

Our team of over 2,000 heroes spans the five boroughs, caring for older adults in their homes and on our Riverdale campus.  While each hero is unique – joining the organization at different times and from different walks of life, there is a connecting thread that unites us.  And that is dedication, commitment and respect for those in our care. As we faced the most devastating global healthcare challenge of our time, our heroes stood tall and fought the good fight.  They protected the most vulnerable population, coming to work every day, putting their own fears aside to help those who depended on them.  And for this, we are grateful.

While I wish all of our healthcare heroes, at RiverSpring Living, and around the globe, could walk in their own parade, covered in ticker tape among cheers and applause, they have a calling that must be answered today and every day.  We thank you, celebrate you, and stand in awe of your strength, your resilience and your immense hearts.

Join me in thanking the heroes of RiverSpring Living by sending your messages of gratitude to heroes@riverspring.org.


Daniel Reingold

President and CEO

RiverSpring Living