Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Happy Holiday to each of you! We are grateful to you for your dedication all year long. May the holidays be filled with all the peace, happiness and merriment for you and your loved ones. Have an joyous and safe New Year.

THANK YOU for participating in RiverSpring Living’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

The IDEAL Team is grateful to receive an outpouring of support from staff who were able to complete the Survey, which was initiated by Tangible Development/Siena Research Institute. We wanted to include every department at RiverSpring Living in this process to help us grow and sustain our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts and we are appreciative of your involvement.

IDEAL Team Project Lead(s)

  • Darwin Aulestia
  • JoAnne DeVito
  • Luz Liebeskind
  • Kristin Morris
  • Laverne Murdock
  • Joy Solomon

IDEAL Team Member(s)

  • Aleta Ashley 
  • Josephine Catalano 
  • Nora Chando
  • Issaury Cruz
  • Melissa Freeman
  • Reginald Forbes
  • Dominique Fickling 
  • Audrey Laing 
  • Emily O’Leary 
  • Shane Miller 
  • Rabbi Aronin Noah
  • Richard Nosek 
  • Elizabeth Ocran  
  • Maria Schulz  
  • Lesley Semel  
  • Beatrice Villar 
  • Rosa Williams

Tangible Development Project Lead(s)

Name: Brianna (Bree) Becker

Email: Bree@TangibleDevelopment.com

Phone: (866) 525-2821 x111


March 2022 – Assessment Prep

June 2022 – Data Collection Begins

September 2022 – Data Collection Ends

December   2022 – Report Delivery


Focus Group Dates (Click to Sign up)


PLEASE NOTE: There will NOT be any in-person focus groups with Tangible Development; that was said in error. However, there WILL be conference rooms and stations setup in the IT Training Room and Research Conference Room for staff to use if they need a space to participate. Both in the Link Lower Level building.