Finding HOPE at the Hebrew Home

Finding HOPE 8.12.22

Finding HOPE at the Hebrew Home

My experiences at the Hebrew Home were amazing because I never thought that I would do well at a worksite until I came to the Hebrew Home.  When I first got to the Hebrew Home I was really scared to step foot onto the Hebrew Home campus because I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t know what to do. Now that I have been at the Hebrew Home for four years, I have made great relationships with the teachers and the students and the residents of the nursing home. What I am looking forward to from graduating from PS721X is looking for a good job and to be independent.

TamresaTamresa, 2022 HOPE graduate

These are the heartfelt words of Tamresa, one of four HOPE students who graduated today at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale.

The HOPE Program (Healthcare Offers Permanent Employment) was established in 1992 in partnership with the New York City Board of Education as the nation’s first alternative high school in a long-term care community.  The residents, employees and entire campus of the Hebrew Home serve as the students’ classroom.

HOPE students work alongside Hebrew Home team members in various departments gaining valuable skills and experience.  From Engineering to Food Service, HOPE students contribute their energy and enthusiasm as they grow, learn and engage with our residents. This training provides the HOPE students with necessary technical and life skills to successfully secure employment in the healthcare field.  Our residents also experience the fulfillment of forming meaningful mentoring relationships with these young people.

The HOPE Program has the highest graduation rate and lowest absentee rate of any alternative high school in New York City. Since its inception, 300 students have participated in the HOPE Program.  The Hebrew Home has been proud to hire HOPE students after graduation, while other students have secured full time employment at other healthcare organizations.

This year, we will celebrate 30 years of HOPE at the Hebrew Home’s 105th Anniversary Gala.  We look forward to celebrating our 2022 graduates as well as incoming students.

On this graduation day, we wish Felix, Tam, Tai and Cesar happiness, confidence and strength as they embark on their next chapter.  Congratulations!

Daniel Reingold, President and CEO at Hebrew Home at Riverdale

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