Giving Gratitude

Giving Gratitude

Throughout the last eight months, our world has remained strong, steadfast, and hopeful.  At RiverSpring Living, we have seen this through the eyes of the older adults in our care and in the hearts of our dedicated healthcare heroes.

Older adults have experienced a lifetime of challenges – from living through the Great Depression to the many ups and downs of raising a family.  Yet, despite – or perhaps because of these life events, research reveals they are stronger for it.  I have witnessed the strength of RiverSpring Living’s residents, patients and members and it is truly humbling.

The courage and fortitude of our healthcare heroes is admirable and immeasurable.  Whether providing normalcy by celebrating the birthdays of members in our care, or keeping residents connected to their families with over 300 weekly video visits, the RiverSpring Living staff are compassionate and fearless.  They have kept thousands of New Yorkers safe and protected throughout this unprecedented time.  The world is a better place because of these heroes and this Thanksgiving, our hearts overflow with gratitude.  While this pandemic will not last forever, the strength and spirit of our frontline workers will.

Whether you and your family gather around the table or in front of the computer screen this Thanksgiving, there is no shortage of gratitude for those in our lives. Take a moment to reflect and appreciate them – as giving thanks just may be the antidote we need to help us during these challenging times.