Rita Hauser Is Transforming Care for Older Adults at RiverSpring Living

Rita Hauser Is Transforming Care for Older Adults at RiverSpring Living

In a philanthropic partnership, we are revolutionizing the landscape of elder care in New York City. This transformative initiative, fueled by a generous $10 million gift from philanthropist Rita Hauser, allows us to use cutting-edge technology and improve the lives of our residents and rehabilitation patients. With a focus on improving health outcomes, we’re pioneering a model of senior care that demonstrates the significant impact technology can have on the quality of life for older adults.

Ms. Hauser first became involved with RiverSpring Living after a family member was provided with exceptional care. Touched by the compassion exhibited by our staff, Ms. Hauser told David Pomeranz, RiverSpring Living Chief Operating Officer, “I want to learn about what you do. I want to help you do it better. I want to show you how technology can do that.”

Their weekly talks have been instrumental in shaping the technological revolution underway at RiverSpring to identify and test potential technologies. Residents and rehab patients have begun to experience the benefits of the best technological resources available. The new technologies are enhancing the health and happiness of the older adults in our care and speeding the return of rehab patients to their homes.

As we strive to enhance the lives of our residents and rehabilitation patients, we’re proud to lead the charge in preventing falls, a leading cause of injury among older adults. Through state-of-the-art tools like the ZeroG® Gait and Balance System, VSTBalance®, and NexStride, we are empowering individuals to regain their mobility and independence. These groundbreaking technologies have not only gained recognition, with RiverSpring Living receiving the esteemed 2022 McKnight’s Innovator of the Year Award, but have also significantly reduced falls and hospitalizations.

Additionally, RiverSpring is at the forefront of tackling congestive heart failure, a condition affecting a substantial percentage of the skilled nursing facility population. Our use of ReDS vests, allowing us to measure lung fluid levels in real-time, has led to a remarkable outcome – no resident has required emergency stabilization for CHF since the program’s inception.

Thanks to Ms. Hauser’s generosity, our staff now have access to vital tools that streamline their work, enabling them to deliver even more personalized care. From a seamless vital signs collection system, linking residents and their care teams instantly, and cutting-edge infrared vein technology, we are empowering our nurses to provide the highest standard of care promptly and efficiently.

We are equally committed to nurturing mental health and interpersonal connections among our residents. Through Rendever® virtual reality headsets, we’re transporting residents to places they hold dear, reconnecting them with cherished memories, and facilitating interactive experiences with fellow residents.

The potential impact of these advancements is colossal. With projections estimating a tripling of the senior living population by 2050, RiverSpring’s pioneering approach could potentially revolutionize care for millions nationwide. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to a future where advanced technology enhances and extends the lives of our rapidly growing senior population. Rita Hauser’s vision has set in motion a new era of care at RiverSpring Living, one that redefines aging with dignity, compassion, and technological innovation.