RiverSpring Living: A Home for Life

RiverSpring Living: A Home for Life

Dedication and loyalty are two words that embody Michael Amankrah. Leaving Africa in 1978, he embarked on remarkable adventures as a Merchant Marine, voyaging to places like Puerto Rico, Germany, and Brazil. Yet, after years of exploration, Michael yearned to settle in one place, and fate led him to the Hebrew Home at Riverdale.

“Ten years after I came to this country, I happened to find myself at the Hebrew Home. It is because of this place; my dreams have been able to come true,” he said.

Michael just recently retired as one of our longtime food service workers, completing his 35th year this past May. “I started out as a helper, then worked on the kitchen line serving food, moved up to the cashier, and eventually managed the cafeteria to make sure everything was in order.”

Everyone came to know Michael and, along the way, he forged connections with countless friendly faces who ventured to the cafeteria, including the late CEO Jacob Reingold and the current president and CEO, Daniel Reingold.

As the Hebrew Home expanded into RiverSpring Living, so did Michael’s circle of friends and acquaintances from different corners of the campus. He also experienced life’s joys during his time here as he married his wife Elizabeth and became a proud father to triplet boys: Jonathan, Jason, and Jackson.


When his sons were preparing for college, Dan stepped in with generous support for their education, while holding them accountable for maintaining good grades. As a result, Michael’s sons have now graduated and found fulfilling careers in healthcare and social work, giving back to those in need.


“Dan and I talk as friends, but he’s like my brother. He is a gentleman of his word and continues to spread kindness and lend a helping hand to those who need it. What he did for me and my family is incredible and I cannot thank him enough,” he said.


The lasting bond between Michael and Dan exemplifies the essence of RiverSpring Living and The Hebrew Home—a place that fosters community and helps transform lives. Michael’s gratitude for the Hebrew Home knows no bounds, and he cherishes the place that allowed him to succeed professionally and cultivate meaningful relationships.


“Hebrew Home is the place to be and working here has been a gift.”