The Hebrew Home at Riverdale’s Centennial Year

The Hebrew Home at Riverdale’s Centennial Year

2017 was a historic year – with world, national and local events dominating the news.  At RiverSpring Living, we had our share of significant events as 2017 marked the Hebrew Home at Riverdale’s Centennial anniversary.  The foresight and fortitude of a small group of families at that time, including Harry and Anna Barschi, the great grandparents of RiverSpring Living’s Board Chairman, Jeffrey Maurer, was truly incredible.  They understood the vulnerability of older adults and the need to lend a helping hand.  Also in 2017, we began construction of our new assisted living apartments and changed the Weinberg Center’s name to the Weinberg Center for Elder Justice. 2017

Today, as we care for 13,000 New Yorkers on our Riverdale campus and throughout the New York metropolitan area, the heart of the Hebrew Home and RiverSpring Living remains the same: compassionate care and vibrant community engagement as we advocate and celebrate empowered aging.  Our incredible team shares their views on what makes us unique in this video: 100 employees on video.

2018 is destined to be a meaningful year.  We will continue pushing the envelope, asking questions, challenging the norm, and most of all, advocating for older adults from every walk of life. 2018 is also special because the number 18 (“chai”), a spiritual number in Judaism, means life.  Here’s to a year full of life at every age.  Our residents, patients and members are the best examples of how much life there is to live, discovering new passions and experiencing the new in all they do.

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy New Year, filled with kindness, thoughtfulness and life!